No surprise other teams looking to trade for Islanders Anthony Beauvillier

Tampa Bay Lightning v New York Islanders
Tampa Bay Lightning v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

"Beauvillier’s name popped up on a few teams’ radars in the last week or so". That's what DailyFaceoff's Frank Seravalli had to say about the New York Islanders forward as he placed him 15th on DF's trade target board.

It's no real surprise that other teams are interested in the Islanders winger.

New York Islanders: No surprise other teams interested in Beauvillier

Sure, his last year wasn't good after his solid 2020-21 season. But he's shown that he has the potential for much more than a player that scores a half-point-per-game. Over his career, Beauvillier is scoring at a 0.46pts/GP rate. Don't forget that when it comes to the playoffs, Beauvillier steps up big, scoring at a 0.66pts/GP rate over the Islanders last two runs to the ECF.

He's already a good middle-six player but has the potential to be even more in the next few years. That's assuming he's put in the right situation with the right linemates. For all his qualities, Beau is still very much dependent on the players around him.

Just like any player he brings a lot to a line. Speed, tenacity, an infectious positive attitude, and a decent scoring sense. But he can't prop up a line on his own.

I'm not surprised that teams have called up Lou Lamoriello to express interest in the Isles winger. But the Isles aren't going to just move him for the sake of moving him. They like him too. The only way they trade Beauvillier is if they can land a bottom-four defenseman or package Beau with some futures to get a winger that's an upgrade.

We'll see if any of those teams can meet what the Isles are looking for in return for Beau. But if a "few teams" are interested, maybe the Islanders can get what they're looking for.