NY Islanders sweater makes cameo in new Jennifer Lawrence Film

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CinemaCon 2023 Opening Night - Sony Pictures Entertainment Photocall / Gabe Ginsberg/GettyImages

If you're a fan of the New York Islanders, you can't help but get a kick out of seeing their classic "NY" logo on the silver screen. Long Island's hockey team isn't the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, or Dallas Cowboys. They aren't a team recognizable around the world or even large parts of the country despite their 50 years of existence and record-making dynasty.

Nevertheless, the logo has made its way onto the big screen quite a few times in recent years, and that cinematic trend continues with Jennifer Lawrence's new film "No Hard Feelings." The plot of the film involves Maddie, a young woman working as an Uber driver who is facing bankruptcy after her car is repossessed. She accepts an unusual Craiglist posting to help an introverted 19-year-old in exchange for a Buick Regal.

That's the plot. If that brief synopsis doesn't get you to see the film, maybe this will.

The film is set in Montauk, and in the trailer, actor Scott MacArthur is seen wearing an Anders Lee jersey. You can fast-forward to the 0:57 mark of the trailer if you want to check it out.

Over the last decade, the Islanders logo has appeared in some major movies. In "The Wolf of Wall Street" Leonardo DiCaprio plays Long Island stock broker Jordan Belfort. Toward the end of the movie, DiCaprio walks out of his office and hanging on his wall is a framed Islanders jersey.

In Spiderman: No Way Home, a movie set in Queens where Peter Parker resides, there once again is an Islanders white jersey framed and hanging on the wall.

Then there's Entourage. Kevin Connolly is a die-hard Islanders fan and used every chance he could to get the team he grew up watching on the HBO hit series. When the Entourage movie hit theatres, fans were expecting "E" to find a way to get the Isles in the film, and he didn't disappoint.

I don't know if I'll see "No Hard Feelings." If I do, it probably won't be in the theatre, but any film that puts the Islanders sweater and logo in it is certified fresh in my eyes.