NY Islanders: The wild and crazy team stuff you can find and buy on eBay

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Islanders
Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

Fans of the New York Islanders love buying team gear - tons of it.

Hockey fans probably collect more of an array of team sweaters and other novelty merchandise than other sports. It just goes with being a die-hard fan. A new third jersey gets unveiled, and even if you are lukewarm on the design, you need to add it to your collection.

Then there are all the themed night jerseys that the team wears during warmups throughout the season, which are auctioned off for charity, and other apparel designs that are featured in the team store and in various retail outlets.

But there's other stuff out there too, designs and concepts that make no sense but live out there for some reason that sellers post with the hope that there's one person somewhere out there that sees art when others don't.

That's where the Twitter account @IslesEbay comes in. The account has been bringing Islanders fans the latest in ridiculously overpriced and obscure merchandise found on eBay for years, and the number of bizarre items that are made available and crazy prices keeps growing.

For example, this black and gold Mike Bossy sweater with Colorado patches on the shoulder and an Islanders 50th-anniversary patch on the front.

Then there's this 50th anniversary-inspired Islanders sweater with the gold and blue piping where the blue would regularly e on the white sweater. I can actually see someone buying this one. They're still available in a range of prices and styles, by the way.

Then there's a trend that is a personal favorite of mine. The sweater that a player never wore but is both on eBay and signed by the player, like this Fisherman jersey signed by goaltender Felix Potvin despite him joining the team in 1998 when the wave jersey was a thing of the past. Also, some apparently thought it was a good idea to put nicknames on sweaters, like "Izzy" for Brad Isbister.

Don't forget about novelty items like a 1989 Islanders metal snow shovel or how about a Bruce Springsteen 2008 Isles Reebox edge sweater. There's something available for everyone, from vintage to vulgar. It's just hard to believe there's anyone out there to purchase much of it.