NY Islanders third jerseys will reportedly be no more

Dallas Stars v New York Islanders
Dallas Stars v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

With the NHL Draft on June 28th marking the start of the 2024-25 season, it also ends the league's partnership with Adidas, as Fanatics will take over as the NHL's apparel provider.

Like we've seen with takeovers in the past, most notably the Reebok Edge jerseys during the 2007-08 season, there's always the potential for significant changes.

While there's no reason to believe there will be much change to the NY Islanders home or away jersey, it appears the team's third jersey from the past few seasons will be no more according to a video posted by Icethetics.

"If you enjoyed the blue 'NY' sweater, sorry to say it looks like we've seen the last of it on the ice," the video says. "No confirmation though, just a reliable source."

Bye Bye Alternates

Throughout the video, Icethetics goes through each team and what they believe or have heard regarding the 2024-25 sweaters. They believe any changes of significance will be done for the 2025-26 season, as Fanatics hasn't had ample time since the takeover was announced. Only two teams will have different looks next year, as the LA Kings will return to their 90s and recent alternate logo, and the Anaheim Ducks will have a change of some sort - hopefully something similar to the 'Mighty Ducks.'

The only time the Islanders have had a significant jersey change was the change to the fisherman, and that didn't work out well. Alternates have been a bit of an issue in recent years, with the team's first black jersey with 'Islanders' across the chest, which may be one of the worst of all time. There wasn't any issue with the most recent alternates, but the fan base is hoping for something a bit more creative.

It doesn't seem like we'll be seeing a third jersey this season (unless they roll out the Stadium Series jersey), but maybe Lou Lamoriello will allow for something fun like an orange sweater in 2025-26... But probably not.