Painting the Ice has become an annual colorful event for NY Islanders fans

New Jersey Devils v New York Islanders
New Jersey Devils v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

You've heard the phrase "paint the town red?"

The century-plus-old phrase means going out on the town, partying hard, and creating all sorts of debauchery and mischief. Things were a bit tamer on Sunday afternoon at UBS Arena, but the end of hockey season means it's time to paint the ice orange and blue or a variety of other vibrant colors as part of annual "Paint The Ice" events around the league.

The New York Islanders hosted the now annual event on May 19th, giving their season ticket holders a chance to take the ice at UBS Arena and decorate the ice. The skating surface morphs into a blank slippery canvas for fans to express themselves and their love for the team through art.

Dipping their brushes into blue party cups filled with paint, season ticket holders with art skills ranging from amateur to astounding took to the ice. It's a truly family event and one of the cooler perks of buying a season ticket package. The kids have a blast and the parents act like kids for a few hours as everyone is allowed to get a bit messy. Using a variety of techniques, they painted logos, wrote their names or even took the opportunity to display their own personal designs.

The famous painter Bob Ross used to talk about finding your "happy place" when painting his canvases. The "Paint The Ice" events across the league has made home arenas a happy place for the team's most dedicated fans and one more way for them to connect with the franchise.

The only bad thing you can say about this year's event is that the fans wish it would take place in late June instead of late May one of these years because the ice would still be in use. Maybe next year.