Potential Montreal Canadiens retool: three targets for Islanders

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Josh Anderson
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Josh Anderson

Back to looking at a goal scorer. I know Brendan Gallagher might be a good fit in terms of his tenacity and 30 goal potential, but I can't think that the Habs are ready to take out the heart of the club at this moment. They're looking to retool not rebuild (at least in my eyes).

Josh Anderson (after Toffoli and Gallagher) is the next name to look at. The 27-year-old has 24 goals over the last 75 games with the Habs. A pace of 26 over a full NHL season and fits with his one 27 goal return in a Columbus sweater.

The goal scoring potential is there for Anderson and could be a good fit for the Islanders.

Why it may not happen

Just like Petry, look at that contract. Anderson is in the second year of a seven-year $38.5 million ($5.5 million AAV). That's a big commitment for the Islanders to make and for a long time.

I'm not too worried about his trade protection. I can't see him placing the New York Islanders on his eight-team no-trade list. But that contract is too much for a guy who hasn't been a consistent 20+ goal threat over his NHL career.