Ranking the NY Islanders 3 mid-season MVP's

Washington Capitals v New York Islanders
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We've reached the midway mark of the 2023-24 NY Islanders season, and it's been a ride the organization and fanbase haven't experienced in some years. Long gone are the boring grind-it-out Islanders, and in are the exciting, high-scoring, no lead is big enough Islanders.

There have been moments this season that will make you want to rip your hair out (blown leads) and times when you think to yourself, "Who are these guys" (one of the league's best power plays)?

Coming into the season, the name on everybody's radar to be leading the team's MVP race was Ilya Sorokin. Hands down the team's MVP last season and arguably the year before, the Russian netminder's numbers aren't what they've been in years past. His 3.19 GAA is well above his career average of 2.49, and the same goes for his current.909 SV% compared to his average of .921. An argument can be made that if the Islanders want to make a deep postseason run, Sorokin will need to be the MVP for the remainder of the season, but to this point, other players are more deserving than last year's Vezina Trophy runner-up.

Aside from Sorokin, the defensive corps has led the way as the most crucial part of the team's success in the past. In the bottom half of the league in goals allowed per game this season, that burden has shifted to the forwards, keeping the Isles in nearly every game. A team that has been known for their defensive prowess has all of a sudden become an offensive force.

With that said, here are your top three mid-season MVP's: