Should there be individual goal songs? Here are 5 picks for the Islanders

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On Friday, The Hockey News Twitter account posed a question to fans: Should the NHL let players choose their own individual goal song when they score?

I was conflicted, but most responders to the poll were not with 75% of voters saying that players SHOULD get to select their own soundtrack when they light the lamp.

Individual goal songs? 5 picks for the NY Islanders

This concept isn't new, the Washington Capitals have been doing it for a few years now and Islanders fans might be more inclined to vote YES because the perfectly mediocre "Crowd Chant" by Joe Satriani doesn't generate a passionate defense.

On the flip side, there is something very special about a goal song done right in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. When thinking bout the Chicago Blackhawks championship, you remember Chelsea Dagger playing after big goals. As corny as some may feel it is, New York Rangers fans wouldn't trade their goal song for anything.

So because it's August and because the Islanders aren't announcing any signings, here are 5 individual goal song picks for the NY Islanders.

JG Pageau: OLÉ! - The Bouncing Souls

This has been used previously by teams, including the New Jersey Devils in recent years. But this would be different, this would be for a player - Pageau! Pageau! Pageau!

The Pageau 'ole' chant originated during the 2012-13 NHL Playoffs when the Ottawa Senators played the Montreal Canadiens in the first round. In Game 3, Pageau scored his second goal of the game for, a 3-1 Senators lead leading to fans chanting his last name. The rookie would go on to register a hat trick in a 6-1 win as Ottawa won the series in five games.

Islanders fans have picked up where Senators fans have left off, but this would put their own spin on a chant that has been used as a team goal song previously.

Scott Mayfield: Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone

Not just because Top Gun: Maverick is the greatest summer blockbuster of all-time, but because Islanders defenseman Scott Mayfield is the younger brother of Air Force Captain Patrick Mayfield.

What they do is definitely on another level. It shed light on, 'Yeah, hockey's just a game.' They have a dangerous job. They do something for real that helps a ton of people.
Scott Mayfield

Last summer, big brother took him for the ride of a lifetime.

From for Mayfield "one week of training and touring Holloman Air Force Base in Otero County, New Mexico, led to a flight that reached Mach 1.11, an estimated 852 mph and faster than the speed of sound (761.2 mph) assuming an air temperature of 59 degrees."

Anders Lee: Rick Derringer - Real American

Football, apple pie, hot dogs and Anders Lee - Quintessential Americana.

The 15th captain of the New York Islanders carries a Captain America-like aura. Growing up in Edina, MN., Lee excelled in football, baseball, and of course, hockey. He has worn the "C" at many levels and in multiple sports, each time leading by example and keeping the pulse of his team.

He wasn’t just an athlete, obviously a good athlete, he was a really good person. He wasn’t a jock who thought he was better than everybody else and kind of pushed people away, he was one of those guys that brought people in. His personality, as much as anything, was as impressive as his athletic ability.
Curt Giles, Edina HS hockey coach

Lee had led off the ice as well, partnering with Jam Kancer and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars to battle childhood cancer.

When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside ...

Mat Barzal: Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child

This was a tricky one. I was tempted to go Right Said Fred's "I'm Too Sexy" here given Barzy's recent photo shoot before and during the Adam Pelech wedding, but Barzal's favorite music is electronic so we're going with a song he might enjoy listening to and won't lead to him getting ribbed across the league.

Open to other suggestions, but how's Don't You Worry Child for the kid that won the calder?

The beat is unmistakable and has a fun part that the crowd can sing in unison especially if the arena DJ makes sure the music is turned off right before the next face-off.

Josh Bailey: DJ Otzi - Hey Baby (If You'll be My Girl)

The obvious choice.

Isles Nation is going to sing it anyway so UBS Arena might as well play the song when the longest-tenured Islander scores at home. Started by the Blue and Orange Army in Section 329, Islanders fans have been serenading Bailey for years now. There's an origin story video you can watch to learn how it all came to be.

There are several modifications of the song as it's not exclusively sung after a goal. Sometimes the singing is framed as a question - “Ho, Ha. I wanna know, will you score a goal?” or "Whaddya know, you scored a goal!" or even "I wanna know, how you scored that goal?"

It's always fun and the variations are perfect for the polarizing Bailey.