The Five Best Contracts On The NY Islanders' Roster

New York Islanders v Carolina Hurricanes - Game Five
New York Islanders v Carolina Hurricanes - Game Five / Jaylynn Nash/GettyImages
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There's been a lot of talk lately about bad contracts surrounding the NY Islanders. GM Lou Lamoriello had to spend draft picks to move Josh Bailey's contract, and Eyes On Isles published an article by Niko Scarlatos just yesterday about the worst contracts remaining on the team.

But sometimes, it's good to look at the bright side. Social media can often be very pessimistic, particularly about sports (and, well, everything else), but the Islanders have some very good contracts. Today, I want to look at the best contracts on the roster.

When ranking contracts, I tried to take into account both the money (average annual value, or AAV) and the term. A long-term contract can be good value if the AAV is low, but also risks becoming a Bailey/Ladd-like anchor on the team if the player will be old by the end of it. On the other hand, for a young player entering their prime, long-term contracts are generally a good way to lock down a player for a while.

So, without further ado, here are the five best contracts on the Isles' roster: