The Life of an International NY Islanders Die-Hard: Australia

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While Soccer, the AFL, and cricket dominate the headlines in Australia, hockey is growing down under and will likely become more popular as the NHL is set to host a pre-season game between the LA Kings and the Arizona Coyotes at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne next month. Patterson plans on making the trip to see her first live game and hopes to run into some fellow Islanders fans along the way.

"I cannot describe how excited I am about the NHL Global Series this year in Melbourne in September," said Patterson. "I have yet to see an actual ice hockey game live in person, and whilst this is a live game, I am not technically classing it as my official first game due to being preseason, and it is not a part of the regular season. My biggest hope is to experience this as an Islanders fan at UBS Arena very soon."

While the game is just beginning to catch its footing in Australia, one thing known around the world is the Aussie passion the nation brings in support of their teams. Patterson, who hopes hockey becomes a larger part of athletics in her country, brings that mentality when watching the Isles and feels the fight inside of her as those on Long Island.

"While it can sometimes feel like a world away, I feel the love here in Aus and all the relentlessness of Islanders fans. Here is Tassie (Tasmania), our tenacity is very similar to the Islanders' tenacity, especially if a significant event occurs, the community rallies. As the sport is beginning to grow around Australia, the passion is just as loud as the US and Canada, and we are just as relentless in our support of our sporting teams, especially in the pursuit of the biggest prize."