Three suggestions that just might help the Islanders win

Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Islanders
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Barry Trotz
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It's been eight games since the New York Islanders have tasted victory. That's a ridiculously long time ago. Remember that seven-game point streak at the start of the year? Of course, you don't. That's how long this losing streak has been going on (or at the very least how long it's felt).

I know it's hard to believe but there was a time this season when the Islanders were in fact good. That seven-game point streak saw the team go 5-0-2 against some pretty good teams. But since that point streak ended it's been nothing but losses.

And of course, that will happen when a huge chunk of the starting lineup is out with illness or injury. With six guys out with COVID and two injured the Isles are missing nearly a third (30%) of their starting lineup. Winning is hard when you're missing that many starters.

Not helping matters is the guys who are left are snake-bitten. The Islanders just can't buy offense lately scoring seven goals over their last right games. It's been tough for the Isles.

Barry Trotz has said that this particular period of hockey has been the toughest in his career, and he was behind the bench for an expansion club in the '90s. You know, when expansion draft rules didn't exactly help the new club create a winning team.

So what can the Islanders do to turn things around and start winning? Ideally, they get everyone back, but I don't have a magic wand to cure everyone from COVID or heal their broken bodies. So let's work with what we've got.