What Islanders fans need to know about Draft Lottery

2008 NHL Draft Drawing
2008 NHL Draft Drawing / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The New York Islanders aren't making the playoffs this year. With eighteen points back of the final wild-card spot in the East the Islanders have a ridiculously massive hill to climb. One they seem incapable of climbing with the effort they've provided lately and through much of the season.

So the focus must shift from this season to next season. And that means looking at the draft lottery, because, while not the favorites, the Isles will get a chance to win it.

New York Islanders and 2022 Draft Lottery

With 40 points from 43 games, the Isles have a 0.465 points percentage ranking them the ninth-lowest in the NHL. Points-percentage is what matters right now to determine draft order. That will change when the season is over. So, for now, the Isles have the ninth-best odds to win the Draft Lottery.

Those odds aren't great of course. They have a 5.4% chance of selecting first overall and a 5.8% chance at selecting second overall. Remember that only the first and second overall picks are up for grabs at the draft lottery and not one through three.

And that's assuming the Islanders stay in the same position in the standings come the end of the year. The Isles still have a ton of games in hand on the teams around them at the bottom of the NHL. Sure the Islanders aren't a good team, but they are better than some of the teams around them. Picking up points and essentially worsening their draft lottery position is entirely possible.

One last thing when it comes to the draft lottery and the Islanders, teams can't move up more than ten spots in the draft. So picking up those extra wins and moving up the standings won't just hurt their odds but hurt any chance at a top-two pick even if they win the lottery.