Isles get suspensions, but win against Buffalo

I was expecting punishment for Friday’s debacle.  I am not that nieve.  However, the Isles get the screws again.  Nine for Gillies, and four for Martin.  After seeing the replays (most of the action happened on the opposite side of the ice from where I sit, I can understand why the guys did get suspended.

However, it brings back to the game in Pittsburgh when Talbot came across the ice to blind-side Blake Comeau.  What did Talbot get for that hit to the head?  Why did COlie Campbell not review THAT hit?   With all the talk about head shots, that is a classic example of what the league does NOT want to see.  But for whatever reason, the NHL exec’s just pass that hit over as a legal hit.


Why does the league treat the ‘haves’ better than the ‘have nots’?

It just really boggles the mind sometimes.  Because of their place in the standings, this team, not just lately, for yeara, do not get the respect and always seem to get more disciplinary action that other teams with the same situations.

Then – going back to the game in Pittsburgh – when the DiPietro incident happened – the Penguins were all laughing at what happened.  They all thought it was funny.  That video had to be shown to the Isles.  And to a player, the team is extremely upset not only by the way that they are treated by the rest of the NHL media, but by other teams.  Players have been constantly been taking liberties at the Islander players, especially John Tavares.  Zenon Konopka has commented on both situations, and he said it so passionately that the Islanders do not get any respect at all.

Gillies deserved some games for the hit.  The only difference between what Talbot did and him, was the fact that Gillies hit the Penguins player to the boards.  Howie Rose said it straightaway that the NHL needs to get consistent with their calling of penalties, especially with the head shots.

Now – on to the Michael Grabner show.

As Howie and Butch said during the post game show – Grabner is scoring in all kinds of ways.  In front, on a breakaway – with slap shots, he is getting it done.  Also – getting time on the penalty kill, is going to be a great plus for the team – especially with the speed of number 40.

16 goals for the Islanders in the last 120 + minutes of play is just astounding.  This is a team that right now – is functioning on all cylinders.  Yes – the goaltending situation is a little tenuous (Koskinen getting yanked, and Montoya struggled abut  little), but offensively, there is contributions all around.  On the defensive side, Travis Hamonic – a 20 year old player, has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 4 – 6 weeks.  After a 25 minute Gordie How hat-trick on Friday night – Hamonic got another assist today, and AMac has helped out on the offensive load, and has made some great leadership strides for the young Islander squad.

Kyle Okposo had a couple of assists today and Frans Nielsen also had two helperstoo.  Great to see Blake Comeau get back on skates today, also contribute with a goal in the last minute of the second period.  John Tavares also scored his 22nd of the season and is only two goals behind his last season total.

The Islanders have three 20 goal scorers on their roster as of right now.  Only one NHL team has done that as of right now.  Be the first to e-mail me ( with the answer, and there may be something for you.

Next week – the Islanders head to the new version of HAPLESS, the Ottawa Senators.  Apparently – the national parliament is banning the music of Carrie Underwood from being played, and violators will be subjecet to public humiliation.  Then Thursday, the Isles play three times at home in six days, with the Bruins, Kings, and Panthers visiting Uniondale.  Opportunities for the Isles to continue their winning ways

Right now – kharma is intense, and I am sure that the guys are on top of the world.  And if you are near Michael Grabner – pick some lottery numbers for me.