Thoughts about Lubo, Nash to Broadway

Well – it seems that the love affair with Long Island is over.

Lubomir Visnovsky has filed a grievance with the NHLPA over his trade to the Islanders on Draft Day.  He feels that he had a no trade clause in effect.  However, that was BEFORE the move to Anaheim from Edmonton.  A arbitrator will decide this.

However, he said he would be happy to play for the Islanders, according to Arthur Staple in Newsday.

That is interesting.  It is not an Islander situation, according to his agent, it is a contract situation ONLY.

Am I the only one in this – that feels there is something murky in this?

I am sure that if this was the Dallas Stars, or the Boston Bruins, there would not be an issue.  But he is getting the “Oh my God, I have to play THERE!” syndrome.

Sorry – for the $$ they make, just SHUT UP AND PLAY!!!!

This is just a situation that really can not be understood by the common man.  He is making major money to play a kids game.  You are at the end of your career, and going to a place that wants you.  You can be a  great mentor to some up and coming defenseman.  Sit back and think about it, Lubo.  I am also linking another article from the Islanders basically getting you some reasons to come to Long Island.  You will be shocked to know how great the area is.  Click on this article.

Now to the Ranger situation.  Who won this trade?

Should you even think about this?  Basically I call this an NHL version of date rape.  Although the salary numbers are just about equal,  talent wise, the Rangers get the best out of this deal.  Anisimov is a nice player, and Dubinsky is on the downside, and makes a lot of money.  So in essence, they acquired an bonafide all-star for a ok guy, and a quick has-been.


Nash gets to play on a line with legitimate NHL talent.  He should be with Richards, and eventually Gaborik when he returns late in the year.  He will get playing time with valued guys, and should see his number increase from the past few seasons.  Yes – there will be some that will say that their fourth line will be either inept, or not used.  So – that is a problem?  They can overuse their top 2, and should be fine.  The question is – will they be able to handle this at the end of the season?

Basically,  believe it or not – the Rangers have another $15 million to the salary cap.  Shane Doan, the long, long time captain of the Phoenix Coyotes, is on the Ranger radar.  Since Nash was selected, that should appease Doan, who will probably sign him to a deal.  It always seems that the rich get richer.  And the Islanders can not make a deal without having the NHLPA enter into it.

Well – if any news concerning the Isles comes out – we will let you know.

Next week – we (all the writers) are putting a piece together, that will be used by Puck Daddy!

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