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With the news cycle continuing to be agonizingly slow, I feel it’s worth a comment on the strange situation that presented itself over the weekend in Pittsburgh.

To make things ultra clear and make sure there is absolutely no confusion, I am not a fan of Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby. While to acknowledge his supreme talent as arguably one of the best players in the world is common sense, that is where my respect for him starts and ends.

The drama unfolded when Crosby was shuffled to the front of the line at a local DMV to renew his drivers license and the patrons there who had to wait, some up to two hours, for service complained that his star status should not have been taken into account for special treatment.

So think of it this way if you will. What would a Long Island DMV look like if John Tavares just walked in and decided to stand on line. It would be pandemonium. I would call my friend, who would call his friend, who would then call his grandmother and so on and so on. You would turn a two hour visit into a four hour one and that is even if you are lucky enough to find the exit door.

Not to mention what the athlete would have to go through. I am not necessarily saying that what happened was right and that athletes should get preferential treatment wherever they go, but in this instance, I cannot find any fault in how both parties decided to alleviate any escalation in a government office.

Stay tuned today as we bring you game two of the ‘what-if’ series between the 1980 Islanders and the 1994 Rangers and Eric Bordin makes his return with a look at the 1974 team that turned the corner.

-Andy (@tazman19)

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Keep it tuned right here at Eyes On Isles as we continue to grind it out like 4th liners waiting for training camp to begin in September. In addition to what is coming up today, volume two of the well received Clutterbuck chronicles comes your way tomorrow and we could potentially have some very exciting news at the end of next week. As always, thanks for reading.