Top Shelf : Islanders Daily 8/18/2013


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I must admit summer is not one of my favorite seasons. And that is because of two distinct reasons. Even though my wife and I frequent and love the Caribbean and sitting on the beach, I prefer the cool crisp mornings that Fall always brings. It’s a contradiction in and unto itself I know.

Secondly, there is no hockey or barely hockey news to be found. What we are left with after the initial free agent frenzy is stories of refurbished arenas, organizational sales and the downright silly notion of Henrik Lundqvist coming to play goal for the New York Islanders.

But we continue to trudge through the murky waters of the hockey media and get you something to feast your eyes on each and every morning.  Sometimes we succeed and other times we fail miserably. But at the end of the day, I would not trade this for the world. It has allowed me to branch out into a place I always knew existed but was either too apprehensive or too doubting of its potential success to even attempt. The point is if you are passionate about something and have the will and at times, guts (haha) to write about it, as well as broadcasting those thoughts and opinions to thousands and thousands of people, take the chance. You never know where it will end up. And personally, I would rather take a chance knowing the possibility to fail is there then to have never taken it in the first place and second guessed myself the rest of my life.

Some news tidbits as I peruse the internet on this cloudy Sunday morning in Central New Jersey….

  • Corey Crawford is upset that his goaltending coach jumped ship to Montreal. (Guess that means he is already hedging against not having a repeat season huh? Cue up the potential excuses early Corey, good job.)
  • Daniel Alfreddson continues to slam his prior organization, the Ottawa Senators, for failing to sign him and ‘forcing’ him to go to Detroit. (Stay classy Alfie, stay classy indeed /smh)
  • Claude Giroux was quoted as saying his golfing injury is ‘more frustrating that you know’ (Is it Claude? I am quite sure Flyers fans know EXACTLY how frustrating it is)
  • Stephen Weiss was announced already as the Wings #2 center when training camp begins next month (Cue up Captain Obvious music)
  • Gregory ‘Maximus’ Campbell is recovering nicely from his broken leg but has not been cleared to resume skating yet. (Good luck you warrior)
  • Mike Green believes he can win the Norris Trophy this season as the league’s top defenseman (See, I told you most of the news this summer has been downright hysterical)

-Andy (@tazman19)

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Two Minutes For Tweeting

  •  We know who wears the pants in that household, that’s for sure! Your better half had to know what she was getting into, so there really is no way she could have resisted. hee hee
  •  When you are compared to Rick DiPietro, that is NEVER a good sign……..EVER……..
  •  In case you care about such things, the Isles had scantily clad females on the ice, scraping up shavings yesterday. Word is extra refrigerant was needed to keep the surface cold enough to freeze.
  •  Christian is an excellent, credentialed source for Islanders news and this is a real good piece deserving of a read this morning.
  •  Ah, the Mighty Ducks series of movies. Loved the first one, was ehhh about the second one, still cannot get over how bad the third one was. Just goes to prove, make a good to great hockey movie and STOP right there. No need to go any further unless its a totally new concept or idea.