New York Islanders Tweets Of The Week


Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Twitter machine is alive and well ladies and gentlemen. As Michael Willhoft, our senior staff writer and creator of #islestwitter put so eloquently, “There is not an opinion deemed to be thought of as incorrect on Twitter”.

When the Islanders are doing well, it is a fantastic way for fans to connect and exchange in pleasantries about just how brilliantly the team performed. On the other hand, when the Islanders are in the midst of a slump as they are now, losing 8 of their last 10, it can be downright maddening, frustrating and even sometimes entertaining all at the same time.

I would think it is the same for most fan-bases in the National Hockey League for, admittedly, I have snuck a look at #rangerstwitter recently and it seems to follow the same blueprint.

With the recent omission of tweets from our daily staple, ‘Top Shelf’, I decided to begin this weekly column that will highlight the best of the rest on the machine that is social media.

I urge everyone to take a minute, breathe in deeply,relax your diaphragm, then exhale. You will feel better, I promise. And maybe even to the point where you realize that win or lose, the Islanders are your team and mine. And will be so for the rest of our existence on this Earth.

You might even get to the point where you begin to come to the realization that, despite the record and/or playoff position, when that alarm clock goes off in the darkened morning hours of your bedroom, you have to wake up and prod off to work like everyone else. And you are not getting paid millions to do it.

So have some fun, laugh a little and don’t take everything so seriously. I mean, the joker from the Batman movie said it the best when he coined the phrase, ‘Why so serious?’.