New York Islanders: My Holiday Guests (Part 3)


The New York Islanders holiday travels through Southern California continued with our time together at Staples Center.

My posts this week about going to see the New York Islanders have been more personal and experiential, and a little less about hockey. Some people are probably hating it. The good news is they are most likely not reading this, having given up earlier.

I don’t wear jerseys to games. I never have and it just wasn’t something I was ever into. That doesn’t stop me from jumping around and screaming like an idiot, so its not as though I have any sense of decorum, or that I’m embarrassed of my allegiances.

On my 25 minute metro ride to Staples, from my home on the west side of LA, I decided to compare the jersey count to what I experienced on LIRR on the way to Barclays and MSG for a game.

Just One

I was able to count one Islander T-Shirt. Blue. Distressed style logo. On a young man who said he had gotten one in Santa Monica.

There were two black Kings jerseys, both “Kopitar”.  A white Kings jersey where the woman had her own name (apparently) “Diamond” on the back. And a yellow “Dionne”.  boy oh boy, Hockey was in the air here on this freezing 74 degree, sunny day at the edge of winter.

My ongoing commentary within my commentary about Anders Lee takes a detour today. Dude won three whole puck battles yesterday and two resulted in goals. Well earned, non-fluke, man sized goals. Sure, three winning battles was a half shift for John Tonnelli. But lets be thankful on Thanksgiving.

Adam Pelech had a strong game as well. He and Calvin de Haan are probably the strongest defensive pair lately.  Ironically, they are also the two defensemen most likely to be left available in the expansion draft this June.

Then there’s the rest of the team.

The good news is that with 60 some odd games left in the season, there is ample chance to explore new pages of an old thesaurus. Moribund. It means “in terminal decline. lacking vitality or vigor.”

Thanksgiving this year will be in Sherman Oaks. A fifteen minutes north on the 405, and then exit just before the 101. We will be amongst a group of friends that all grew up on the south shore on Nassau County.

Next: New York Islanders: Fans Can Feel Thankful.

We have been warned not to talk too long, or too deeply about politics. It’s never a good idea to talk about race or religion at these things. The host suggested keeping it light, “talk about your favorite sports team”.

I don’t see that lightening the mood for me.

We are going to try and be home early because I have a morning flight up to San Jose. Still holding out hope that my wish to see three different goalies in Islander nets this week comes true.

I know guys like to face their former team. But it would not have been right to throw Berube in against the Kings after not having played a game in months.