New York Islanders: Kyrie Irving Trade Request Worrisome

OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Kyrie Irving
OAKLAND, CA - JUNE 12: Kyrie Irving

The New York Islanders have yet to sign captain John Tavares to a long-term deal, it might be basketball news, but the Kyrie Irving trade request shows players watch just about everything.

On July 1st, 2017, the New York Islanders could start negotiations with captain and star player John Tavares on an extension to his contract. A contract that was paying, arguably, one of the games top ten players $5.5 million a season. A small sum for the return.

As of the time of writing, John Tavares has yet to sign a new deal. And everyday Isles fans refresh their Twitter feed hoping to see that Arthur Staple tweet saying both parties are rumored to have a deal in the works. I know I certainly do.

But until such a time we have to wonder and worry if we’ll ever see that day. And then, in another sport, a big name player, still under contract for three years, on a championship caliber team, decides he wants out.

According to reports, Cleveland Cavalier’s Kyrie Irving seems to want out. A year after going all the way to the NBA Finals and two years after winning the Cavs first ever NBA title.

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Players Know

According to USA Today, Kyrie, like teammate Lebron James, isn’t happy about that Cavalier’s direction. The team is currently without a GM and a team Vice-President, both fired before the NBA draft and free agency period.

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Add that to the fact that Lebron James’ contract runs out at the end of the 2017-18 season and that he’s been heavily linked away; some are linking the Lakers as James’ next destination.

Players look at all of this when deciding their future, even their immediate future. Tavares is up next season, Kyrie isn’t up for another three years and he wants out now.

Players like Tavares and Kyrie are players with pedigree that have options. They hold some form of power to decide their futures, and they look at everything when trying to make that decision.

Brett Cygalis of the New York Post wrote that according to sources in the league the New York Islanders are right to be patient with Tavares. Of course, they are. What else are they going to do?

But a quick poll by The Post of people in and around the NHL came back with a consensus that this is a case where patience is a virtue, and there is no need to panic — not yet, at least.

Tavares is waiting to see how the off-season shakes out, and how and where the New York Islanders will be playing in the future. That’s item number one on his radar.

I doubt he’s pleased with the Barclays Center. And if the Isles can submit a Request For Proposal (RFP) for Belmont that has some sort of guarantee at being successful, Tavares might just sign on the dotted line.

That’s saying a lot. What does an RFP with “some sort of guarantee at being successful” even look like? And how long will that take exactly? Because Tavares has until June 30th, 2018 before he hits the open market.

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I know it’s Basketball but I couldn’t help but think of Tavares when the news that Kyrie had asked to leave. How far is Tavares looking and what is he waiting for exactly? What will it take to get that signature? I’m sure a stadium is involved, but the last RFP for Belmont took almost five years and it still failed. He’ll surely want assurances that won’t be the case.