New York Islanders Are Due For A New Goal Song

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 09: Ryan Dzingel
NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 09: Ryan Dzingel /

Is it time for a new goal song? The New York Islanders have been using ‘Crowd Chant’ for a while now and it’s beginning to grow old according to some fans.

Today the discussion on Isles Twitter was the state of the goal song. It was all started by @ChrisHowrad when he tweeted at the New York Islanders asking if they could change the song from ‘Crowd Chant’ to something else.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one growing tired of the song. There were a lot of responses from Islander fans with their own ideas on what it should be changed to.

I like this option a lot. It sounds good, instrumentally and it’s easy to picture an arena chanting along to this after a John Tavares goal.

For those who were around to remember it I’m sure this would bring back the nostalgia factor to those championship teams. I’d be more into changing it to something completely different that hasn’t been used before.

This song seems to be NBC Sports’ favorite song to use for video montages. I can picture the Doc Emrick monologue right now. Cool song, but I don’t think I’d like it as a goal song.

I like this option, but only for the ‘hey ho’ chants. Not a huge fan of the rest of the song itself.

This one’s been done before by the Isles, again I’d really like something new and unique to the team. Plus, Gary Glitter isn’t the best person to be promoting.

I like the horn a lot, don’t think that needs to be changed, but if they do, changing to an FDNY horn would be pretty cool!

I guess this wouldn’t be complete without my proposal for the goal song:

Oddly enough I’m not even a fan of the WWE, I don’t know who Bobby Roode is, but this song is awesome. To break the fourth wall as they say, I run a college radio station as my day job, and a student does a wrestling show and uses this song as the intro.

I never heard the song up until that point, but it sounds really good in the intro, plus Brian Compton and Mike Carver used it in their Isle Seat Podcast Pilot episode so you may have heard it from there also.

The Piano intro I think would sound good after the horn is done plus you could easily picture the crowd catching on quickly and knowing the words to sing/yell along to. Then there’s a guitar solo, what more do you need?

The last time we got a change with the goal horn/song it didn’t go so great.

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But if the Isles listen to their fans, like they did with this monstrosity of a goal horn, they’d change the song. Although, if the team listened to the fans, I think Matt Duchene would be in an Islander uniform and Garth Snow would be collecting unemployment…