New York Islanders Don’t Overreact to John Tavares Contract Speculation

NEWARK, NJ - FEBRUARY 18: John Tavares
NEWARK, NJ - FEBRUARY 18: John Tavares

These days it’s hard to go a day without seeing a new article speculating on John Tavares leaving the New York Islanders at the end of the season. No doubt each and every article gives the blue and orange fan base angst. But Islander fans should not overreact to the Tavares speculation.

The thought of John Tavares leaving the New York Islanders via free agency next summer is a hit to every Islander fans solar plexus. It would be another major psychological blow to the fan base. Having said that, don’t overreact to these speculation articles Isles fans. Everyone take a deep breath.

Media Looking for Juicy Stories

As someone who writes about hockey, yours truly can tell you the media is always looking for a juicy story. These types of stories get a lot of clicks and the Tavares situation is indeed a juicy story.

New York Islanders

Also during the summer, there is not a long list of sexy topics to write about. Hence, everyone has seen article after article on Tavares and Matt Duchene.

Not saying these articles are fake news, but keep in mind writers are trying to get as many readers as possible during a quiet time and sometimes push the limit.

JT’s Own Situation

Islander fans you have been reading a lot of articles analyzing the Tavares situation. Remember the Islanders trying to lock up the captain is its own unique situation.

Last week Larry Brooks of the New York Post wrote an article comparing Tavares situation to Ryan Callahan’s last year with the New York Rangers. With all due respect to Mr. Brooks, that comparison is the equivalent of comparing oranges to pineapples.

They are two totally different situations. The Isles won’t have any cap issues and will do whatever it takes to sign Tavares. The Callahan situation was a complete 180 in that regard.

End of the Day

At the end of the day, the only people who have a strong sense for Tavares’s future with the Isles is JT himself, the front office, and ownership.

Many will write and many will say otherwise. But don’t take that as Gospel.

We know that Tavares is very happy here, has a very strong relationship with the coach, general manager, his teammates, and the organization. Clearly, Tavares wants to make sure that the building situation won’t be an issue and that the team is heading in the right direction.

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The Tavares predicament will require a lot of patience from the fan base. Keep the faith Isles fans and don’t overreact to negative speculation.