New York Islanders Trade Target Matt Duchene Training Camp No Show

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12: Matt Duchene
NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12: Matt Duchene /

The story lines around New York Islanders trade target Matt Duchene are back. This time though it’s not the GM’s or media members making headlines. It’s Duchene’s actions themselves.

It’s no secret that the New York Islanders had or still have interest in Colorado Avalanche’s Matt Duchene. Around the trade deadline rumors flied that the Islanders may or may not have made offers to the Avs for their 26 year-old center. But as the deadline came and went Duchene remained on Joe Sakic’s roster.

Look around the Islanders fan base and we still hold hope that the Islanders will land their number one trade target over the last few seasons.

Back in Denver player shave started reporting to the Avalanches pre-camp. A time where veteran players are obliged to show up, but generally do just to kind of welcome everyone and get preparations under way for the season. Except Matt Duchene hasn’t shown up. And no one seems to know where he is.

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No Show

Team captain Gabriel Landeskog had the following to say about the Avalanche’s third overall pick former the 2009 NHL Draft and former 30 goal scorer:

"Nobody has to be here but it’s a tradition that everybody gets in early, shows up (for captain’s skates) and is excited to get going. For whatever reason, (Duchene is) not here. But I know everybody that’s here right now — we’re all excited to be part of this team and we’re all excited to get going with the season. Ultimately, we all want to figure out a solution to this problem — that’s what we’re really excited about, and what we’re looking to do."

So now the “Where In The World is Carmen Sandiego” search is on. Everyone is scouring the globe to find where Duchene is. And more importantly find out what this actually means?

Was this a breakdown in communication with the team and the player? Or is Matt Duchene pulling a Jonathan Drouin? Is he sitting out to try and force GM Sakic’s hand to make a move?

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At the moment there’s no official word from the team on the matter. They’re obviously trying to sort out what’s going on and how they can/need to spin this should this truly be a hold out.

How Does This Impact Isles?

The obvious impact for the Islanders is if this truly is a holdout. If Duchene is sitting out to force a move this might play well for a team like the Islanders who are looking to add a second line center.

We know that Joe Sakic is asking for a Kings ransom for a player that had his worst productive year in 2016-17. And if the player is willing to hold out to leave, it puts Sakic’s feet to the fire and reduces what he can return in a trade. Teams like the Islanders will see the blood in the water and reduce what they’re willing to give up for a player that clearly wants to leave.

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Of course, this is all speculation. We’re still not sure why Duchene hasn’t reported to pre-camp. We don’t know if this was known by the team ahead of time or not. But if this situation is following the negative arc it’s been following so far, this might just be a good thing for the Islanders. At the rate this situation I might just have to stock up on some Kool-Aid, cause I might just have to eat my words.