New York Islanders John Tavares Coliseum Moment Gives Hope for 2017-18


The New York Islanders: a team not respected by the NHL, ousted from their arena and about to lose their captain.

Okay, let’s take a step back. The Islanders are in a bit of a crisis right now, whether you want to admit it or not, but things are not all that bad.

No one respects the Islanders, but at least the team has a loyal fanbase that will give anything for their favorite team.

The Islanders are getting kicked out of their arena, but at least they have plans to try to move to a brand new, state-of-the-art arena in Belmont Park.

And John Tavares may leave the Islanders, but at least he continuously says the right things that would make one think he will be in the blue and orange for life.

As Islanders fans, life may be tough, but it has been tough for years. With a new season dawning upon us, optimism is at a peak, so let’s get ready for a year of hardships, successes, and moments to remember.

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The Contract Dilemma

Hockey season is only a week away. It feels like just yesterday the Islanders were in a Playoff push that ended just short. Times were simpler back then: Jack Capuano was head coach, the Islanders were coming off a historic year, and the Islanders had little questions with their roster.

Oh yeah… and John Tavares was going to be an Islander for life. Oh how things have changed.

John Tavares is everything to this team. Without him, the Islanders would be one of the worst teams in hockey, and this is a well known fact around the NHL. When you think of a franchise player, it is hard to find one more important than Tavares.

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That is what makes Tavares’ contract situation all the more hurtful. Tavares continues to say all the right things, yet analysts and fans continue to project his next destination after this season.

As the season season dawns upon us, he is still unsigned. This storyline will dominate the headlines through the upcoming season.

Throwback: A Picture That Means So Much

When the Islanders returned to the Nassau Coliseum on September 10th, 2017, an entire County was revived. A team that was ripped away was returning, and fans showed up in the masses to witness history.

Tavares of course opened the scoring for the Islanders, and after tying the game up, overtime awaited. The sellout crowd was rocking, and they were rewarded with extra hockey to end a terrific day.

The Barn was rocking. Overtime started with a faceoff win, and the Islanders established possession and went to work. In a fairytale ending, John Tavares came away with the puck from behind the net and put home the game winner. The moment that ensued was priceless.

As he raised his arms in triumph, fans took photos, screamed, cried, and cheered. Children instantly become fans for life, creating a memory that will last a lifetime. Adults reminisced back to the golden days of the Dynasty Era, appreciating what once was.

The new season is coming in hot, and while it may be a stressful time, look back at the positives and look forward for more.

In one moment, John Tavares gave life to a fanbase that needed it so much. By scoring that goal, he proved to us that he cares.

The smile on Tavares’ face shows to the masses he is happy in Brooklyn. And just by looking at a photo, I have a good feeling he will stay.

Get Pumped

The Islanders first game is in less than a week in Columbus. If you told me last year that Tavares would be playing in this game unsigned, I would have been shocked.

But nevertheless, this cannot be a distraction for this team. This season will be an exciting one, and Tavares will lead the team, just like he did when the Islanders returned to Nassau Coliseum.

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Get pumped for a historic season. It’s going to be a good one.