New York Islanders Scott Eansor Deal Gets A New Deal

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12: New York Islanders fans celebrate a goal by Anders Lee
NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 12: New York Islanders fans celebrate a goal by Anders Lee /

Scott Eansor was signed to a two-year two-way deal by the New York Islanders today. Why does this matter? It doesn’t? But the reaction does.

Look, in the overall scheme of things does it matter that the New York Islanders gave Scott Eansor a two-year two-way deal today? No. In no way shape or form does this matter.

It’s not to say that Eansor doesn’t derseve the contract. Since joining the New York Islanders organization in training camp, Scott Eansor’s been playing well. Undrafted and brought in on a tryout, there wasn’t much to expect from Mathew Barzal’s former teammate in Seattle.

But since he’s made his start for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers he’s put up 22 points in 57 games played. Placing him second on the team in rookie scoring. It’s not amazing, but it’s pretty good for his first year in the AHL. And clearly the Islanders liked him enough to keep him around for a few more years.

Getting All Worked Up Over Nothing

But anytime ‘contract’ and ‘extention’ are put together in a tweet from the official New York Islanders twitter, and it’s not followed up by “for John Tavares” fans lose it.

Look I get it. We all want Tavares to sign an extension. But nothing should tell you at this point that Tavares is going to sign before he gets a chance to see what other teams have to offer.

We all know that, so why do we allow ourselves to be worked up by this? We know that Eansor isn’t going to suddenly make the jump to the NHL. We know this is purely an AHL move. We all know this as fact. So why do we get worked up about it?

Cause were looking for any and all excuses to let the team know how we feel. It has nothing to do with Scott Eansor and everything to do with 12 years of Garth Snow.

You don’t have to “sip the Kool-Aid” to say there’s nothing wrong with the Eansor contract. Don’t worry, your Snow Must Go integrity will stay intact. Snow is still a bad GM.

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Remember, Tavares is going to that week of free agency. No, it’s not ideal. And yes, it’s Garth’s fault that this is even a possibility.