New York Islanders: Josh Ho-Sang Calls Out Isles Hypocrisy

Joshua Ho-Sang #66 of the New York Islanders (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Joshua Ho-Sang #66 of the New York Islanders (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

The New York Islanders sent down Josh Ho-Sang to work on his defense. Ho-Sang didn’t like how the team pinned their defensive problems on him.

Part of the genius behind Josh Ho-Sang is he gives honest answers in his interviews, never sugarcoating it or beating around the bush. Today, Josh called out the Islanders hypocrisy for their “accountability”.

Arthur Staple, who works for The Athletic, got a chance to catch up with Ho-Sang. Ho-Sang wasn’t happy with how he was  treated. Here are some of his quotes from earlier:

"“I love those guys, I want to make that clear,” Ho-Sang said of his former Islanders teammates. “I know they’re working hard. But I got sent down for defense and what are they in goals against in the NHL? I only played (22) games up there this year. I don’t think it’s my fault. They really painted it like it was my fault at the beginning of the year and I didn’t like that.“I do have things I need to work on down here, my game is far from perfect. It can constantly improve. But I do think a lot of the stuff was unwarranted, especially in terms of the rope that other people were given. I understand I have a history and that might be a factor. I don’t know. But it’s frustrating to me.”"

Ho-Sang spoke his truth today. Earlier this year, Ho-Sang caught a lot of heat for his play in the defensive zone. Eventually his play earned him a banishment to Bridgeport. Ironically, the Islanders got worse after Ho-Sang was sent down.

Through 77 games the Islanders have given up 279 goals. They’re leading the league in goals against by nine goals. They’re on pace to allow 297 goals this year. Clearly, sending Ho-Sang to the AHL hasn’t helped anything.

That’s exactly what Ho-Sang was doing, he called out the Islanders for their hypocrisy. Clearly he isn’t happy with being sent down and he’s not the kind of person who will go quietly.

Josh had every right to vent his frustrations. With the Islanders third line in shambles for a majority of the season how he was never recalled to boost their scoring potential was mind boggling.

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Hopefully, the Islanders get this figured out for 2018-2019 because having Josh Ho-Sang in the AHL is helping no one. The Isles are going to need him, they can’t afford to burn that bridge.