New York Islanders Individual Records Are Story in Win (Highlights)

GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 22: Anders Lee /

The game had no meaning to both the New York Islanders and the Detroit Red Wings. All that was left was to tie up some loose ends and hit a few milestones.

Neither the New York Islanders or the Detroit Red Wings were going to make the playoffs tonight. Both were eliminated from the postseason a week or so ago. On this the 82nd game of the season for both teams meant nothing.

At least for the teams, but in terms of the individuals, there were a number of players looking to hit a few milestones.

Anders Lee was one away from 40 goals. Brock Nelson was one away from 20 goals. Mathew Barzal was three from taking the lead in assists for rookies in Islanders history. Ryan Pulock was a goal away from taking the lead for rookie defensemen.

Like I said, there were some milestones to be had against the Red Wings.

Lee Gets His 40th

None of these milestones were as important as Lee’s 40th goal. By the end of the second period, Anders Lee had already clocked more than 15 minutes of ice time. All Doug Weight wanted to do was get Lee his 40th.

But before getting there, Andrew Ladd got his 12th of the season on an open shot int he slot. That’s 12 goals 17 assists for 29 points on the season. For $5.5 million per season over the next five seasons. In case you were wondering that’s two seasons of regression for Ladd.

By the third period, it was the Anders Lee show. Every offensive situation Lee was tossed out there to get number 40. And by God he did it. With a play only Anders Lee could do, he roofed the puck in the slot on the backhand to hit 40.

Lee was the first to hit 40 since Jason Blake in 2006-07 and the third to do it since Ziggy Palffy hit 45 in 1997-98.

And it wasn’t done there.

Ryan Pulock would get his 10th on the season to take the lead in rookie scoring the tying goal to take it to overtime.

And then in overtime, captain John Tavares put it away with a fantastic in-and-out move for the win. How fitting is it that Tavares scores the final goal of the 2017-18 season? It’s absolutely fitting. Cause it’s just another story in the never-ending will Tavares be back story.

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So that’s it. The 2017-18 season is over. The disappointment is done. Now we can focus on next year…or at least what will happen with Tavares and if the Isles can win the draft with those two lottery picks.