New York Islanders Should Follow Ducks Lead With 3rd Jersey

The Anaheim Ducks released their retro style third jersey and the New York Islanders should follow their lead with theirs this year.

Slowly and steadily Addidas is starting to release the team's third jerseys for this upcoming season. Last year, Adidas' first year making the jerseys, there were no alternate third jerseys. This year, that'll change and we're patiently awaiting the New York Islanders design.

There have been rumors that they're going to an orange based jersey as the alternate with the "NY" crest from the stadium series logo.

The Anaheim Ducks released their design for the third jersey yesterday and it came out fantastic. They used a modern touch on a classic look:

The @AnaheimDucks are bringing back the Mighty Ducks jerseys! 🦆🔥

(📸: @NHL)

— SB Nation (@SBNation) July 22, 2018

They're keeping the black color scheme they have now but are adding the mighty ducks logo and the teal and purple back to the jersey. It's a perfect combination of retro and modern and it came out perfectly.

Actually, the Ducks aren't the only team to do this. The Arizona Coyotes are going with their 90's throwbacks too, which got people thinking. Can the Isles bring back the fisherman logo?

They absolutely should bring it back for 2018-2019 as the alternates. At the time, the jersey was hated because it didn't have any resemblance to the Islanders jerseys of old. It was too different. With time, trends come back around and the 90's are in.

Bringing back the Fisherman look, with a more modern touch would be the perfect third jersey. A couple of years ago they used this jersey for warmups that paid homage to the Isles short-lived jerseys:

Maybe you can replace the gray with orange or the teal instead. I attempted to do it on photoshop, but I'm not nearly qualified to do it so maybe someone else can take a crack at it. Here's my poor attempt (please don't judge I'm a writer!)




This way it has a little bit of a modern feel, but still has the retro fisherman logo as the center crest. I wasn't a big fan of the grey on the sides, I'm honestly okay with either the orange or the teal accents instead.

I know it was "leaked" that the jerseys would be orange, but unless they're bringing back the ones from the early 2000's I would much rather head into 2018-2019 with these as our alternate jerseys. Blogger, Arm Chair G.M., and now jersey designer can be added to the resume.