New York Islanders Fans Must Trust Lou Lamoriello

Barry Trotz and Lou Lamoriello of the New Your Islanders (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Barry Trotz and Lou Lamoriello of the New Your Islanders (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

The last week in June has been a tough time for the New York Islanders fan base these last couple of years. Having said that the blue and orange faithful must trust Lou Lamoriello.

Once again the New York Islanders faithful are on pins and needles. The blue and orange faithful should feel that when the NHL off-season dust settles, Lou Lamoriello will have his team in a strong position for next season.

Trust Lou

The Islander fans have been burned so many times over the last number of years it’s hard to decide where to begin. From the building to trades not made to the Draft to free agency. However, almost all of that was before Lamoriello arrived.

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Yes, Lou was unable to get John Tavares to stay on Long Island. Quite frankly the damage had already been done. If Lou coming on board along with Barry Trotz wasn’t going to put Tavares over the edge to stay then nothing was.

This past season was a great surprise for the Islanders. The future looks very bright. Everyone who roots for the blue and orange wants to see them keep their own key guys in Anders Lee and Robin Lehner and add an offensive forward.

That is the plan for Lou and Trotz. The fan base should feel that they will settle for nothing less than to continue to get to get better every season.

Plan A, B, C

Clearly, Lou’s Plan A is to keep all of his key pending unrestricted free agents and then ideally add as big of an offensive player as possible. However, if keeping his own guys means bad long term deals for the organization that won’t happen.

Will Lou compromise and stretch to keep both Lee and Lehner, one would have to think that is most likely. If either or both Lee and Lehner leave, the fan base has to know Lamoriello has a plan in place in terms of moving forward.

A naysayer would say well Lou didn’t get enough done at the trade deadline. This is true but what came out of that was Lou was only interested in acquiring Matt Duchene and Mark Stone and at a certain price. Lamoriello was not going to trade multiple first rounders for either guy nor future stud Noah Dobson.

Lou has been running the Islander franchise for a little over a year now. He knows this organization from top to bottom and he knows what they have and what they need. The Isles faithful has to believe in him.

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If Garth Snow was still running things then I would say panic. But remember Islander fans you have Lou Lamoriello.