Islanders: How fans are dealing two weeks into quarantine

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UNIONDALE, NEW YORK - APRIL 12: Fans attend the game between the New York Islanders and the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game Two of the Eastern Conference First Round during the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at NYCB Live's Nassau Coliseum on April 12, 2019 in Uniondale, New York. The Islanders defeated the Penguins 3-1.(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

It's been two weeks since the New York Islanders last took to the ice and fans are finding...interesting ways to pass the time while hockey is away.

It's been a full two weeks since the New York Islanders played their last game before the NHL suspended the 2019-20 NHL season. After the first few days of quarantine, I asked you what you planned on doing.

The answers I got were mainly: playing video games, learning a new language, and watching old games. That was eleven days ago, so I wondered now how fans are dealing with no NHL hockey.

This time, rather than ask, I took to social media (namely Twitter and Reddit) to see what some Islanders fans are up to and how they're dealing with quarantine two weeks in.

Getting Creative

We're all desperate for hockey to come back. At least during the summer months when hockey is typically away, we have closure from a full-season and summer vacation to keep our insatiable need for this sport at bay.

But when hockey has to suddenly depart with an incomplete season and in March no less it's hard to keep our minds on other matters. Even when there's bacon on our plates we've got the blue and orange on our minds.

Hockey's innate tribalism constantly has us in an "us vs. them" battle on a nightly basis. But when hockey isn't around we fill that need to boo a rival in just about any way possible. Like going to the aquarium to boo penguins.

Yes, I know it's a meme. So how about this fan who saw himself booing pictures of Flyers players posted on store windows.

While most of us are stuck at home we're trying to pass the time by being creative or picking up a new hobby. That includes singing. Even though some of us (myself included) aren't very good singers and the poor individuals stuck inside with us are trying their best to let us know, politely, like Frank's dog.

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Finally, this isn't from an Isles fan but I thought it was appropriate to include here. While all of us are longing for sports to return, some are finding sport in everyday life. Like when it comes time to feeding your dogs.

ESPN sideline reported Molly McGrath posted this incredible play-by-play/color commentary of her dogs eating. It was perfect.