Islanders Ranking 1990s drafts classes: Good, Bad, Ugly

1998 NHL Entry Draft. Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart /Allsport
1998 NHL Entry Draft. Mandatory Credit: Rick Stewart /Allsport /
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Zdeno Chara #33 of the Boston Bruins (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /

The Bad

1990-One Pick Away

Total games played: 183
Biggest impact: Dan Plante

With the sixth overall pick at the 1990 draft, the Islanders selected Scott Scissons. A  player that would only play two NHL games over his career. To be fair injuries played an unfortunate role in Scissons career.

Two games played looks worse when the player drafted just before him with the fifth overall pick would play 1,733 NHL games and score 1,921 points in Jaromir Jagr. 

There were six other players drafted in the first round after the Islanders went up to the podium who would play 1,000 or more games in the NHL.

1994 – Eleventh Round

Total games played: 200
Biggest impact: Dick Tarnstrom

The 1994 draft was yet another one that would be defined by injuries. With the ninth overall pick at the draft, the New York Islanders selected Brett Lindros. Lindros would play 51 games in the NHL before he ended his career following a number of concussions.

The biggest impact on the club came from eleventh round pick Dick Tarnstrom who played 62 games for the Islanders in 2001-02 scoring 19 points

1996 – Big Z

Total games played: 273
Biggest impact: Zdeno Chara

Thanks to scout and member of the Core of the Four teams Anders Kallur, the Islanders drafted big Czech defenseman Zdeno Chara with the 56th overall pick.

Unfortunately, Chara would be traded to the Senators in the Alexei Yashin deal. But not before he recorded 231 games for the Isles. Chara accounts for most of the games played for the Islanders 1996 draft class.

1992 – Few Hits

Total games played: 337
Biggest impact: Darius Kasparaitis

With the fifth overall pick in 1992, the Isles selected Darius Kasparaitis. With 232 games played with the Isles before being traded to Pittsburgh, Kasparaitis had a big impact on the Isles.

He wouldn’t put up a ton of points, but he could control the blue line or make the opponent pay if they crossed it. Making him a fan favorite in the process.