Islanders podcast: It’s the right time to trade with Buffalo Sabres

With so many changes to the front office, it’s a good time for the New York Islanders to call the Buffalo Sabres for a trade.

The Buffalo Sabres are going through a sort of restructure. Twenty-two staff members from GM Jason Botterill to amateur scouts were fired by the Pegulas just a few weeks ago. Usually, when a front office shuffle of that magnitude happens changes on the ice aren’t far away, and the New York Islanders should capitalize.

Matt and I spend a considerable amount of time going over what the Buffalo Sabres did exactly and how the Islanders can capitalize, as well as who they should target from the Sabres playing squad.

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What Else Did We Cover?

  • New details and renderings for the Islanders arena at Belmont Park have been released by the team. Matt and I discuss what some of those details mean for the Islanders and for the fans.
  • A number of players around the league have tested positive for COVID-19 casting a bit of doubt over the NHL’s plan to transition to Phase 3 (training camps) on July 10. One player, in particular, had his diagnosis discussed without his consent, is that fair game in today’s media climate?
  • We have a reoccurring segment on the show where I ask Matt to guess an Isles player based on five clues. Think you can guess who the player is before Matt does?
  • We close the show out by going over things that you may have seen trending on Isles Twitter over the last week and a few things that may not have been trending but you should have seen regardless.

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