Islanders: Winning Isn’t ‘Boring’

Anders Lee #27 of the New York Islanders(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Anders Lee #27 of the New York Islanders(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The New York Islanders are widely considered a “boring” hockey team to many. Let’s bust that myth.

As fans of the Islanders over the last two years, you’ve definitely heard them characterized as “boring”. Giving the Islanders credit is seemingly never in the cards, it’s only “see I told you they were bad” when they play poorly and “well, they’re boring” when things go right.

Calling them boring at this point in the playoffs is just a poor choice of words. I didn’t know going 8-2 in 10 playoff games is boring, unless the definition of the word changed and I didn’t know about it.

Mike Kelly of the NHL Network summed it up perfectly:

First of all, the defensive first Islanders are second to only Colorado in goals scored in the playoffs. In terms of per-60 stats, the Islanders are fourth in goals, rush goals, and 5v5 goals, and third in 5v5 expected goals.

But that’s not enough. Because they don’t usually win the Corsi battle the Islanders are boring overachievers who are due for a regression.

Well, I’ve been waiting for a regression for two years now, like most Islander fans, and it hasn’t come. Yes, they do not have the star power of Boston, Tampa, Vegas, or Colorado I agree with that statement as it’s a fair assessment.

But to just turn a blind eye to the dynamics of Mat Barzal? Couldn’t be me. They are three wins away from the Eastern Conference Final if this is “boring” sign me the hell up for boring every year.

The Islanders, for most of my 25 years on this planet, have been bad. It took them 21 years of my lifetime (and 23 years altogether) to win a playoff series for goodness sake. I could not care less about being “boring”.

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We’re not used to winning, and I can tell you one thing, winning is not boring. You can keep your Corsi battles, I’m all good with Barry Trotz, good goalie play, and timely scoring. That to me has been pretty fun.