Islanders Disrespected In Super 16 Power Rankings

After making it to the Eastern Conference, the New York Islanders are further down the power rankings list than expected.

I’m convinced that the national media just hates the New York Islanders. I’m running out of other explanations for the long history of disrespect, even just over the last two years. Unfortunately, has done it again.

They came out with a power rankings, of the top-16 teams at this point in free agency. While the Islanders haven’t done much in free agency, they are still a very similar roster to last season’s team that found themselves in the Eastern Conference Final.

We’ll start at the top, the Lightning are number one, I have no issue with that. Coming in second is Colorado. While two is likely a little high for me, I’m okay with them being ahead of the Islanders that’s fair.

Coming in at three and four is Vegas and then Dallas. I’m also okay with both of those teams where they are. They both were in the Western Conference Final, the Islanders should be coming up soon right?

Not yet, St. Louis who got bounced in the first round is somehow fifth in the league. Okay, great regular season last year but I’m not convinced that they’re deserving of that spot. Washington comes in next at six?

Um, didn’t the Islanders dismantle them in the playoffs or am I misremembering things now?

Boston’s at seven which is way too low for me. To me, they should be in the top five, and ahead of the Islanders, I’m okay with that. At eight, it’s the Flyers. The Flyers! If I remember correctly, the Islanders also went further than Philadelphia too.

Then, finally, at number nine is the Islanders. Yes, the team who went to the Conference Final, who lost to the eventual Cup champions in six games is ranked ninth. “Well, where would you put them?” I hear it already through my computer screen.

I’d go Tampa Bay, Dallas, Vegas, Colorado, Boston, and then the Islanders sixth. Washington, Philly, and St. Louis have no business being ranked ahead of the Islanders if we’re basing this on how the 2020 season concluded.

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Anyway, once again it’s the us against the world mentality for the Islanders. Keep doubting the Islanders please, they’ll just keep winning playoff series after playoff series.