Islanders Rightfully Ripped Over Reverse Retro Jersey

The New York Islanders logo (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
The New York Islanders logo (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The Islanders went boring and decided to just change the shade of their usual jersey for the reverse retro. They were rightfully ripped.

I know, it’s another take on the reverse retro jersey. Well, it’s the talk of the Isles Twittersphere so I might as well throw my hat in the ring with my take on the newest Islanders jersey (or at least the anticipated one).

The Isles are getting a navy blue reverse retro jersey. Based on the leak, all we know is that it’s navy blue with an orange collar. But all signs point to it being very vanilla.

In fact, most believe that it is going to resemble the dark sweaters that they wore from 1998-2007. Now, any time you can pay homage to an era of success like that nine-year run you just have to do it.

The Isles were the poster child for mediocre during that stretch, how could you not love the idea to go with that same exact look. The Isles are currently getting laughed at, as other teams come up with unique, and interesting designs from different eras in their history.

God forbid you mention that logo from the ’90s that would be different and unique. No thank you. Let’s use a rip off of the Mike Milbury era instead and say that it is paying homage to the 1980s championship teams…even though they never wore navy blue.

As Mitch stated yesterday, it could’ve been a time to get creative and have fun with it but instead, the Isles swung and missed with these.

No one is saying the Islanders’ home and road jerseys aren’t classics. I love the logo, it’s beautiful, and I don’t want them to change it. But for a fourth jersey that would be worn a couple of times a year changing the color hex by a couple of numbers and putting the jersey on sale just sounds like a dumb idea.

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I guess people will still buy these, but it was a massive marketing opportunity for the team to do something different. Oh well.