Islanders: Orebro believes Josh Ho-Sang can be “offensive force”

Joshua Ho-Sang #26 of the New York Islanders (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)
Joshua Ho-Sang #26 of the New York Islanders (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images) /

On Friday night New York Islanders fans found out that the team was sending Josh Ho-Sang on loan to Swedish side Orebro. On Saturday, Orebro officially welcomed Ho-Sang to the club.

In the official statement from the club, Sports Manger (the equivalent of GM here) Niklas Johansson indicated that Ho-Sang will be an “offensive force” for the club and that he’s already in the south-central Swedish city and will join the team as early as Monday.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is a great move for Ho-Sang.

Islanders Loan Ho-Sang to Orebero

The press release from Orebro also stated that “this is a financial solution is very favorable for the club”. Which could mean that the Islanders are the ones paying for Ho-Sang’s $225,000 minors salary this season that was negotiated this offseason.

Speaking to PuckPedia over Twitter, they indicated the team (the Islanders) can reimburse the European club (Orebro) for the player’s minors salary. Effectively getting Ho-Sang for free, which is a huge get for Orebro.

Say what you will about Ho-Sang but he’s still an incredibly talented hockey player. Att he NHL level the former first-round pick dazzled with his puck skills and ability to create time and space on the ice for his teammates.

Now he takes that offensive talent to a team that’s fifth in the SHL for points and who’s fourth in the SHL for goals-scored. Now consider the extra space Ho-Sang will have to work with and this loan spell could very well be wildly successful for Ho-Sang to get his hockey career back on track.

When I spoke with Ho-Sang’s agent he indicated that Orebro is a great spot for his client and that Josh is excited about the opportunity:

"We are excited for the opportunity. Orebro HK is a tremendous organization and Josh is happy to be joining them."

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Look, the Islanders didn’t want Ho-Sang around at the NHL or even AHL level, that has been made abundantly clear for a while now. Having Ho-Sang play in Sweden (where the season is well underway) is a good fit for the player and the team who hope to recoup some sort of return when they inevitably trade him to another organization.