Islanders send Leo Komarov to waivers: What does that mean?

Leo Komarov #47 of the New York Islanders (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Leo Komarov #47 of the New York Islanders (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Matt Martin seems to be healthy enough to return to the New York Islanders lineup. At practice in Chicago, the winger was back in the lineup and wearing a regular practice jersey. This means he’s fit enough to get back into game action.

But, there isn’t enough space on the roster to welcome back Matt Martin who’s on IR. To bring him back, someone has to go. The answer is Leo Komarov.

New York Islanders send Leo Komarov to waivers

On Monday, the New York Islanders sent Leo Komarov through waivers in an attempt to have him come off the roster in order to give Matt Martin space. With a $3 million cap hit, Komarov will likely pass without getting picked up.

There isn’t a team in the NHL that’s willing to pick up a $3 million contract for a player who’s put up 22 points over the last 81 games. Leo Komarov will clear waivers, and create $1.125 million in cap space for the Isles.

Say what you will about Leo’s gritty play, but Matt Martin and the rest of the fourth line share a chemistry that can’t be duplicated. When the three are together on the ice there’s an instant positive impact. If Matt Martin is ready to play he plays.

Leo has no spot on the roster now with Zach Parise on the third line and with Matt Martin now healthy. Sending him through waivers was the only play. So what does that mean for Leo?

Again, he will clear waivers. When he does he will remain off the team. He can be moved on and off the roster without having to clear waivers again for 30 days or ten NHL games. We saw Leo move on and off the roster every month or so last season. That dance will certainly continue this year.