12 Things That Have Happened Since The Islanders Last Played

Edmonton Oilers v New York Islanders
Edmonton Oilers v New York Islanders / Steven Ryan/GettyImages

It's a New York Islanders game day! Finally, after a long, long 12 days the team is (as of now) back in action tonight against the New Jersey Devils. As we mentioned on the Eyes on Isles mailbag last night, it's been one of the harder seasons to get into in my life.

With the number of starts and stops to the season, it's totally understandable if you maybe zoned out with stuff going on around the league. I mean it's been almost two weeks since our team has played last. Here's 12 things that have happened around the league since the last time the Islanders played (in no particular order).

Kodak Black

Rapper Kodak Black attended a Florida Panthers game and we got an all-time video out of it. No, they're not doing what you think they're doing, she's just twerking on him but still, this video was laugh-out-loud funny and broke the internet for a few hours until we saw the close-up video.

Biz Stick Fail

Last night on NHL on TNT, host Paul Bissonnette attempted to snap a stick over his leg in a segment and it did not go very well. Sorry Biz, that one looked like it hurt.

Connor McDavid Tests Positive For COVID Again

COVID has been a major problem around the league obviously and for the second time, Connor McDavid tested positive for COVID. He's since come out of protocol and returned to practice for the Oilers but the league's biggest star was on the shelf for a little while there again.

Sam Lafferty Traded for Alex Nylander

There was a trade! Not anything earth shattering but Sam Lafferty was traded to Chicago for Alex Nylander. I know, it's not anything to go wild over but it's all we got.

NHL Honors Teddy Balkind

Tragedy struck the hockey community when a 10th grader was unfortunately passed away after an accident in a JV hockey game. The NHL honored Teddy Balkind and sent their love to St. Luke's

Tuukka Rask is Back

The legendary Bruins goalie is back with Boston. He was signed to a PTO and Boston picked that up this past week as Rask will return to the team he's spent 14 years with.

Capitals Score Own Goal

Oh no! On a delayed penalty the unthinkable happened. The Washington Capitals put the puck in their own net! They went on to lose 3-2 in overtime. Yikes.

Joe Thornton Hits 1,700 Games

Jumbo Joe became just the sixth player ever to play 1,700 games in the league. Legend doesn't even begin to describe Joe Thornton.

Cale Makar Puts Kirby Dach in a Blender

I mean Cale Makar is just on another planet. He has 16 goals and 34 points in 29 games with the Avalanche as a defenseman! This one is just absolutely insane, poor Kirby Dach he had no shot on the overtime winner.

Flames vs Panthers: 94 Shots

I think Barry Trotz would have an aneurysm if his team played in a game where there was 94 shots in the game. I mean pour one out for the goalies, they were busy that night. Sergei Bobrovsky stopped 47 of 49 pucks in the 6-2 win for Florida.

Wes McCauley Fighting Call

Wes McCaluey is the best and he was at it again with this fighting call. The broadcast reacting to the call is almost as good as the call itself...almost.

The Winter Classic Was Cold

The NHL also had the winter classic in Minnesota and it was cold. The feel like temperature was -25 degrees. There were some pretty epic photos that came out of it though.