3 ideas to make UBS Arena even better for NY Islanders fans

New York Islanders First Practice At UBS Arena
New York Islanders First Practice At UBS Arena / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages
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UBS Arena is everything New York Islanders wanted, but that doesn't mean they don't want more.

The arena was built specifically for hockey, and fans were informally and formally surveyed for years to ensure that the building was worth the nearly three-decade wait - and it has been. The building is state-of-the-art in every way yet maintains the intimate feel, superior sight lines, and sound that made the Nassau Coliseum so great.

But now, two years after its debut, fans have grown familiar and comfortable with their new surroundings, which means they now have ideas to make it even better. We recently asked our followers on Twitter the following: After two years at UBS Arena, is there anything those that attend regularly would want to see added/improved to the experience?

There were a lot of comments about food/drink prices, but we don't see them coming down any time soon. There were plenty of recommendations on how to rectify the parking challenges and improve the shuttle service and walking experience from the Emerald lot. There were also a handful of requests for more in-game replays and an out-of-town scoreboard.

Some fans were very precise in what they wanted to see, including t-shirt tosses to happen on the second-level, heaters on the Heineken terrace, and a suggestion to make Section 329 bleacher seating - easier to bang and stomp that way!

But a few suggestions stood out and appeared to have a consensus among the fanbase. Here are three ideas to make UBS Arena even better for New York Islanders fans in the future.