Brock Nelson's Impressive Goal Scoring Run With the Islanders

St Louis Blues v New York Islanders
St Louis Blues v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

Since Barry Trotz has come to the New York Islanders you could make the case that no player has benefited more than Brock Nelson. Okay, Adam Pelech has a damn good case as well but today the focus is on Nelson.

Yesterday, in the Isles 2-1 win over the Blues, Brock Nelson scored his 20th goal of the season.

This is now the sixth time in Nelson's career that he's gone over 20 goals. The incredible consistency of Nelson's goal scoring is impressive but then when you factor in the shortened seasons it's even more impressive. Here's his goals on the season and an 82 game pace for comparison over his nine year career:

2014: 14 goals - 16 goal pace

2015: 20 goals

2016: 26 goals

2017: 20 goals

2018: 19 goals

2019: 25 goals

2020: 26 goals - 31 goal pace

2021: 18 goals - 27 goal pace

2022: 20 goals - 38 goal pace

Like a fine wine, Brock Nelson has actually gotten better with age. There's no denying just how good and consistent Nelson has been since 2018-2019 when Barry Trotz arrived.

Many thought his 2017-2018 was his final straw. He was a passenger and seemed to be unable to take that next step in his development. Well, he's hit that stride and it's a thing of beauty to see.

Over his last 82 regular season games he's been a dominant goal scorer.

33 goals from Nelly over his last 82 is impressive. The Islanders need goal scoring but make no mistake about it Brock Nelson is absolutely part of the long-term future of this team.

With three more years after this year remaining on his deal, don't expect to see Brock go anywhere. The $6 million AAV is looking pretty nice on that deal as well.