What will it cost Islanders to trade for Kevin Fiala?

Minnesota Wild v New York Islanders
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One of the New York Islanders biggest trade targets this offseason is Kevin Fiala. The Minnesota Wild forward will certainly be available in the offseason. And the Isles can absolutely use his top-line production of 85 points in 82 games to give them what they've been missing.

The question isn't "is he available" or "are the Islanders interested" it really comes down to "can they make it work?" Do the Islanders have the pieces to pull off this trade?

New York Islanders: What will it cost to trade for Kevin Fiala?

Look, I know, you know, we all know it's not going to be cheap to land Kevin Fiala. He's a 25-year-old forward (who will turn 26 in July) that just scored over a point per game in a full season and is one year away from free agency. Again, it's not going to be cheap.

Michael Russo and Harman Dayal worked together to put out a piece about what the Wild could get in return for Fiala (subscription required) and well when looking at the Islanders they honed in on a two-piece package of a first-round pick and a quality prospect.

The two Athletic writers focused on the Isles first-round pick and one of Aatu Räty or Oliver Wahlstrom.

You've got to give to get, right?

Wahlstrom could be a top-six to a top-line player for the Islanders eventually. Räty could be a top-six center for the team, again, eventually. But Fiala is top-line ready now. Today. The Isles wouldn't have to wait for him to be ready. He's good to go right now.

So is a first and one of the Isles two top guys in the prospect pool (I'm using prospect loosely here because Wahlstrom isn't a prospect per se) a fair price to pay for Fiala from an Islanders perspective?

If Räty and a 2022 first is enough to return Fiala I'd do it before considering moving Wahlstrom.

Ideally the move, in my opinion, is to package Beauvillier with a first-round pick. But I get why Minnesota would say no.

It's not that Beauvillier is a bad player, but that $4.15 million cap hit this year and next may not necessarily be affordable for the Wild who are in a bit of cap trouble now. Getting someone on an ELC like Wahlstrom (one year left on ELC) and Räty (all three years left on ELC) would be ideal for them.

It really seems like the Islanders have the pieces to pull in Kevin Fiala and maybe without weakening the playing roster. Sure it's going to be pricey but I think Russo and Dayal laid out a fair price for Fiala. Now we just wait to see if the Islanders and Wild can come to an agreement.