Elliotte Friedman Believes Lou Lamoriello Won't Break the NY Islanders Up

Boston Bruins v New York Islanders
Boston Bruins v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

The NY Islanders find themselves in an interesting position with the NHL trade deadline approaching this Friday. General manager Lou Lamoriello is known for being the most tight-lipped GM in the league, so not much is known regarding any potential moves the Isles may make. The 81-year-old has stated time and time again that he is confident in this team and believes that the current 23-man roster can get the job done.

With the way this season has gone, many fans disagree with Lamoriello and the impending trade deadline, and circulating rumors are perpetuating these beliefs. One of the biggest rumors circulating is the future of Brock Nelson. Nelson has been with the Islanders for his entire career, drafted in 2010 he has played 11 seasons with the Isles and has a career total of 511 points. Nelson has become the heart of the Islanders, playing top-line and second-line minutes as of late, exemplifying what it means to be an Islander, and has become the team's top goalscorer.

On the 32 Thoughts Podcast hosted by Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek, Friedman addressed the Nelson trade rumors, asking around the league if these rumors were true. He wholeheartedly believes that Lamoriello would never trade away Nelson. "If you trade him, [Nelson] you're really changing the soul of your team, so I just think that's talk." He even went on to say that a contact of his joked that "Lou Lamoriello would rather eat his left leg than trade Brock Nelson."

While trading Nelson doesn't seem likely, it is obvious to Friedman that Lamoriello will be making some moves ahead of the deadline. "I think they're going for it. I confessed this to Islanders fans who want more out of me, it's all speculation. His history is he doubles down. They've been looking for a scorer for some time, but I definitely don't think they're gonna break it up."

Who the traded pieces will be is still up in the air. With JG Pageau having a tough season, and Oliver Wahlstrom losing his spot in the lineup, both seem like viable trade options but don't have much value to a solid trade that Lamoriello would be hoping for. Lamoriello will continue to stay quiet until the pen is to paper (or maybe even days later), and who knows, maybe someone will simply show up to an Isles practice and that's how we'll find out about the trade. The Islanders are still fighting and should be buyers at the deadline.