Fan vote calls Islanders fifth most annoying fan base

Calgary Flames v New York Islanders
Calgary Flames v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

JFresh had enough on Twitter. He wanted to know which fanbase in the NHL was the most annoying and enlisted the help of his 46,000 followers and the rest of hockey Twitter to figure it out. He had his own assumptions but dammit he was going to find out what everyone else thought. Where did the New York Islanders land?

The Isles don't have a large fanbase. We all know that. But do we make enough nose to even matter in this poll? Apparently we do. We punch well above our weight. The New York Islanders ranked fifth.

New York Islanders fifth most annoying fanbase in NHL

The Toronto Maple Leafs were leaps and bounds ahead of any other fanbase in the poll. As you probably expected. That seemed obvious no? The biggest fan base in the NHL will certainly have a number of annoying fans amongst their ranks.

Which is why it's so interesting that the Islanders rank fifth. Again, we all know we aren't the most numerous. The Islanders are, at best, a medium-sized market in the NHL. There's potential for so much more and with all the winning the Isles have done of late our numbers are starting to swell.

The Islanders aren't numerous but they are proud and they are clearly loud.

To be fair this could have something to do with a decision that was made back in 2018 when John Tavares decided to return home. Islanders fans were, to put it lightly, very upset with the decision because of what took place in the months leading up to it.

Islanders fans' reaction on that day, and the years since has obliviously annoyed a number of Leafs fans. It's annoyed them so much that it likely shot up the standings to sit with some of the big teams in the NHL (Toronto, Montreal, Boston).

So. Take this as a positive Isles fans. We might not be the largest fan base but we are one of the loudest.