Islanders coaching shortlist after Barry Trotz fired

Edmonton Oilers v New York Islanders
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With the New York Islanders announcing that Barry Trotz had been "relieved of his duties" on Monday the immediate thought now turns to who is going to step in for Trotz? Who's going to take over behind the Islanders bench?

Lou Lamoriello stated there is no timetable for a new coach but you have to think he's already got a list of candidates he's hoping to chat with about his vacancy. Here's a shortlist of potential candidates he might chat with.

New York Islanders coaching shortlist after Barry Trotz fired

Lane Lambert
Lambert is widely regarded as one of the guys who are next in line for an NHL coaching gig. He's already Barry Trotz's number two guy so keeping Lambert who's familiar with Barry's system and the players on the roster fits.

Keeping Lambert around to execute the necessary changes, while keeping the pieces of Barry's system that did work makes a lot of sense. But perhaps Lambert will seak options elsewhere (Detroit's opening is very enticing for him), even if he's under contract for one more year as Lou pointed out.

Paul Maurice
I didn't think of Paul Maurice initially when I considered the Islanders coaching shortlist. His name was brought up to me on Twitter. And the more I think about it the more I like Paul Maurice with this team,.

Maurice was a good coach out in Winnipeg. In nine years with the Jets, Maurice put together a 315-224-62 record. In his last five years there (not counting the 29 games he coached in 21-22), Maurice had the Jets in the top 10 of the league for defense and seventh in offense.

That seems like the right mix for the Islanders. Not saying that Maurice can turn them into a top offensive team in the league, but he knows how to get good D while putting pucks in the net. That's what the Islanders need right now.

Joel Quenneville
This isn't me saying he should bring in Quenneville. I don't think what Quenneville is guilty of, and the reason he isn't coaching right now should allow him to be behind a bench again. But we heard as early as May 1 that teams might start inquiring about his services.

There are only two coaches in NHL history with more regular-season wins than Barry Trotz; Quenneville and Scotty Bowman.

John Tortorella
While he would be a new voice it wouldn't be a totally different one. Torts is a D-first coach that preaches accountability. So he fits the way the Isles like to play. He's also a two-time Jack Adams award winner like Barry Trotz. But I have to hope Torts is too close to Trotz in both name and philosophy.

Alain Vigneault
The Islanders have a veteran-heavy team and well that's exactly what Vigneault likes. Checking him out for the vacancy seems like something Lou could do.