Islanders King of Callbacks: All of Kyle Palmieri's called back goals in 2021-22

New York Rangers v New York Islanders
New York Rangers v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

It's been a rough season for New York Islanders forward Kyle Palmieri. With 14 goals and 31 points on the year he's nowhere near where anyone thought he'd be in his first full year with the Islanders.

If playoff Palmieri was any indication of what we'd see from him in 2021-22, he would easily get back to his peak. A peak that saw him score 20-25 goals and around 56 points a year from 2015-16 through 2019-20*.

*He scored 45 in 65 a pace of 57 over a full year.

Except that's not what we saw at all to start the year. Through the first 29 games of the season, Palmieri was converting at an insanely low rate of 1.6% (one goal on 63 shots). Eventually, the dam would break and the goals would come pouring in.

That's kind of true; 13 goals on 84 shots in the following 37 games for a 15.5% conversion rate. But now Palmieri is hit with a new kind of unlucky streak. He's seeing a hilarious number of goals called back.

Since March 5, Palmieri has seen five(ish) goals called back for one reason or another. Here's a look at each one of those goals.

New York Islanders Kyle Palmieri: King of the Call Back

1 - October 23
The callbacks started early for Palmieri. Like game 5 of the season, early. With the Isles up 2-0, Palmieri poked the puck into play and stuffed it in the net. After a review, the officials thought that was goalie interference and called the goal back. And while I don't have video of the incident, I did find video of Barry's reaction. Clearly, Barry thought it was a good goal.

(Thanks to @SorokinFanClub and @Philzfacts for the assistance in identifying this one.)

2 - March 5
The first one goes back to March 5 against the St Louis Blues. Palmieri fires a shot from the high slot and it beats Binnington. But after review, the goal was called back for goalie interference. Where is the interference? Maybe Bellows clipping Binnington's skate a few seconds before the goal? I don't know.

3 - March 5
That's not a typo. Palmieri had a second goal called back in the same game. This time it was due to a high stick. It's hard to tell if it's actually a high stick or not but the refs felt confident enough to overturn the call on the ice. (I'm not sure they should have).

4 - March 26:
It might have been unclear if that second goal was a high stick or not, this third one is CLEARLY a high stick. Kyle is basically waving his stick around like it's a flag to score this one.

5- April 26:
This one was the nicest of the lot. After making Nick Jensen look like an absolute pilon with the toe drag, Palmieri stuffs it around Ilya Samsonov. Except Zach Parise was judged to have interfered with the Caps goalie, so the goal was called off. Shame cause this one was VERY nice.

Honorable Mention: March 27
Palmieri didn't score this goal, but he was responsible for it coming off the board. You can clearly see how Palmieri is in before the puck. What's kind of frustrating is that if Palmieri kept control of the puck this would have been a good goal.

(If I missed on let me know in the comments)