Islanders need to bottle effort from loss against Wild and repeat it

Minnesota Wild v New York Islanders
Minnesota Wild v New York Islanders / Steven Ryan/GettyImages

You don't expect that the main takeaway from a 4-3 regulation loss by the New York Islanders is "do it again". But honestly, that's exactly what the Islanders need to do.

I understand that it's another loss to another playoff team. The loss puts the Isles at 2-12-3 against playoff teams this year. That's really bad. But, if the Isles can play like they did last night, that record won't last.

New York Islanders: Do It Again

According to "Deserve to Wi89n O'Meter, the New York Islanders win this game 894 times out of 1,000. Almost nine times out of ten, they win this game.

*Thank you David Tuchman for bringing that to my attention after the game.

The Islanders held a 61.29CF% in all situations, the third-highest Corsi-for for their season, their second-highest SCF% on the year with a 65.00. Their fourth-highest xGF% at 69.27. Again, these stats were from all situations.

*All stats from NaturaStatTrick

It was as MoneyPuck described; a dominant performance from the Islanders. They deserved to win the game, or at the very least take a single point from it.

Over the last few weeks, we've been asking for just this type of performance from the Islanders. Specifically against playoff teams. Remember the loss against the Capitals, Maple Leafs, and Kings recently? They lost to those teams because they just didn't show up.

The Islanders made the score look a bit closer against the Kings, but both goals came in garbage time with the outcome already decided. This loss against the Wild was quite different.

Sure, they mucked it up out of the gate with two goals against, but the Islanders turned it around and never looked back for the rest of the game. They scored three times and hit the post at least twice. They were by far the better team on the ice.

So again, this type of effort will result in a win nine times out of ten.