Islanders Podcast Preview: What to Look for in the Final 2 Weeks

Florida Panthers v New York Islanders
Florida Panthers v New York Islanders / Al Bello/GettyImages

Well, the New York Islanders were officially eliminated from the playoffs since the last time we spoke and while it's sad to see the season be mathmatically over, there are still some things to look for.

The Islanders still have six games left so we will take a look at what some things to watch for over the remainder of the season are. I know I for one will have my eye on Ilya Sorokin to see just how well he can finish the year.

Mitch will also share his prospect updates including an important update on Aatu Raty as he makes his way over to play with the Bridgeport Islanders. Here's a look at everything you need heading into episode 244 of the Eyes on Isles Podcast.


What now?

The Islanders are eliminated. Now what? Mitch and I will talk through the important things to watch for over the final six games of the season and what's next for this team.

Down on the Farm

Mitch will update us on all things prospects in this segment. He's got his finger on the pulse for Islanders prospects and will share what he found out this week.


On the quiz, Mitch will pick a random player in Islanders history and I have to try to guess who that player is based on five clues. It’s usually a blast.


In the social segment, we’ll answer questions and talk about the biggest stuff from Isles Twitter this past week.

If you missed last week’s show you can catch up on it right here. Also, be sure to follow along with us on social media @EyesonIslesFS on Twitter and on Facebook as well.

Also, we have a little announcement we have to get into on the podcast so keep an ear out for that as well.