Islanders: Semyon Varlamov's Struggles Continue

Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Islanders
Toronto Maple Leafs v New York Islanders / Christopher Pasatieri/GettyImages

Semyon Varlamov was bad last night for the New York Islanders. In fact, most of this year has been a rough go of it for Varlamov as it's become extremely clear that Ilya Sorokin is this team's starter and Varly's days as an NHL caliber goalie are getting farther and fewer between.

Last night, Varlamov has a .895 save percentage and allowed in four goals. Not all of them were his fault but there was one insanely soft goal that trickled in that changed the momentum of this game.

I mean that's just an embarrassing level of bad from Varly. He wasn't ready at all for that puck and it just trickled home to tie up this game. If that was the first time something like happened this year that's one thing but he's been the king of soft goals all year.

He's allowed four goals in each of his last two starts, and in his 16 games that he's played this year exactly half have seen a save percentage under .900.

In nine of his starts this year he's allowed three goals or more and the Islanders are 1-8 in those games. His .912 save percentage and 2.76 goals against average on the year isn't atrocious but there's no way it's worth his $5 million cap figure.

I still hold the belief that I'd be surprised if he is moved mid season but it feels like an absolute lock that he won't be back in 2022-2023. His cap hit is too high and it's no longer a 1A and 1B situation. Sorokin's .922 save percentage and 2.42 goals against average is more than good enough to ride as your starter. Plus, you can find just about anybody else on the scrap heap to give you a .915 save percentage as a backup.