Islanders: Update on trade target Kevin Fiala

St Louis Blues v Minnesota Wild - Game Five
St Louis Blues v Minnesota Wild - Game Five / David Berding/GettyImages

To many New York Islanders fans, the top forward target for the team is Kevin Fiala. With 85 points in 82 games last year, it's easy to see why fans want him.

We know Fiala will shake loose from the Wild because of their dire cap situation. They just don't have the financial space to keep him. And the Islanders could swoop in to take him.

New York Islanders: Update on trade target Kevin Fiala

We're all waiting to see what Minnesota does with Fiala. And we might not have to wait much longer. According to Elliotte Friedman, talks are heating up.

With the NHL draft just eight days away, you can understand why things are heating up. The Wild can't really bring back much in the way of NHL contracts for Fiala. The bulk of whatever trade package they get for the winger will be in the way of futures.

Futures that will certainly include a first-round pick at this years draft.

Could the team leading the way in the "intensification" of the Fiala sweepstakes be the Islanders? There's a good chance they could be.

The Islanders have the futures to get a deal done. Specifically that 13th overall pick. They have the need for a top-line winger. In fact, they've had that need for a while now.

Of course, the Islanders aren't the only team willing to trade a top-half pick in the first round of the 2022 draft and have a need up top. A few other teams come to mind; Ottawa, Anaheim, and New Jersey are all teams that could be in play for Fiala.

They all have better draft capital and they have the money to sign Fiala to a big deal. Are any of those teams closer to contention than the Isles? That's debatable but getting Fiala certainly helps them.

For now, we watch to see how this Fiala story develops but it seems we're very close to knowing where he goes and if that's the Island.