Islanders: Watch Adam Pelech's Sweet Shootout Goal

2022 NHL All-Star - Portraits
2022 NHL All-Star - Portraits / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Adam Pelech is at the NHL All-Star Game representing the New York Islanders and last night he participated in the skills competition. The first thing that jumped out to me was his shootout goal that he scored.

Um, did anyone know Adam Pelech could do that? I mean seriously that's a sick backhand from a guy who has never taken a shootout shot in his career. Maybe Barry Trotz can try him out in the shootout rotation going forward.

That wasn't the only event that Pelech participated in. Pelly also was in the hardest shot competition and once again I ask did anyone know that Adam Pelech has that hard of a shot?

102.2 miles per hour was good enough for second in the competition as Victor Hedman won the event with a 103.2 mile per hour shot. Zdeno Chara holds the record with a 108.8 miles per hour slapper in 2012.

Later today, Adam Pelech will participate in his first All-Star game. Nobody can deny that Pelech is deserving of this opportunity. He's been an under the radar guy in this league for far too long and it's cool to see him get the recognition that he deserves.

It was strange to not see Mathew Barzal who was the Islanders representative the past two years. Besides Barzal and John Tavares, who are the obvious representatives for the Isles, Pelech joins just Josh Bailey, and Jaroslav Halak who have been additional representatives.

Side not, Matt Martin watching Pelech in the competitions and cheering him on was awesome. I love this team.