Longest win streak in Islanders history

The Islanders have embarked on quite a few unforgettable winning streaks in their storied history, so which one was the longest?

New York Islanders v Boston Bruins
New York Islanders v Boston Bruins / Focus On Sport/GettyImages

The NHL has seen several outstanding dynasties since its inception, and the New York Islanders are among them. Between 1979-80 and 1982-83, the Isles enjoyed one of the finest stretches in NHL history, winning four straight Stanley Cups. 

They also won six conference championships between 1978 and 1984. And if you believe that the team went through quite a few winning streaks, given their historic success during the era, you guessed correctly. The Isles longest streak occurred when they won 15 games in early 1982, which set the stage for what would become their third of four Stanley Cup Championships.

New York’s streak commenced on January 21st with a convincing 6-1 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins. They continued to dominate their opponents over the next month, refusing to score fewer than four goals in a single game until their 15th and final win on February 20th with a 3-2 win over the Colorado Rockies.

Islanders 15-game winning streak is still one of the NHL’s most dominant

During the streak, the Isles outscored opponents 97 to 35, giving them an incredible plus-62 goal differential and an average score of 6.46 to 2.33, good for a 4.13 average margin of victory. Yeah, that’s not just historically good, but among the most dominant stretches you will see in NHL history and even the history of North American professional sports. 

The Islanders 15-game winning streak started at home vs. the Pittsburgh Penguins, and ironically, it would also end against the Penguins, but on the road. Following their win over Colorado on February 20th, the Islanders found themselves playing in a back-to-back and their third game in four days. 

They lost 4-3 on February 21st to the Penguins, but their winning ways continued shortly afterward, including a pair of five-game winning streaks before their Stanley Cup-winning playoff run. All 32 NHL teams have enjoyed some long winning streaks, and while the Islanders streak isn’t the longest in league history, you can’t deny its overall dominance. 


(Statistics provided by Hockey-Reference)